Symbol Story Board Development for Foundation Vocabulary Development

This is a practice article written some time ago by one of our practice team and Early Years trainer Morag Dickie.  We don’t have the full set of boards as a resource to share unfortunately, and the photo of them that we have isn’t the best quality – sorry, but hopefully you’ll find value in […]

Parent Information Slideshow

Parent Information Flyer

Full PCS (Boardmaker) Symbol Set for all Foundation Words

Feeling Better TV series – Mini Topic Lower Primary

The selected stimulus for this mini-topic is the BBC Teach Series ‘Feeling Better’ which can be accessed via the following link:Open the BBC website page in a new window Lower Primary Teaching Plan This plan makes use of 4 episodes from the series (Happy, Sad, Angry & Worried) to develop emotional vocabulary and consolidate prior learning […]

Word learning using ‘In-the-moment labelling’

In the early years the Emotion Works approach focuses on developing foundation language for the different cog concepts. In this practice article we focus in on the learning and teaching process involved. The ‘in-the-moment’ teaching process To help a young child learn a word they don’t yet know, we recommend an approach that involves naming […]

Using Symbols to Support Word Learning – Guide for Early (Foundation) Level

Words & Pictures Chat Boards / Slides for Early Level

In Your Heart – A vocabulary planning example across all Emotion Works levels

In this article we demonstrate how the Vocabulary Planning Tool can be useful for informing ‘Word Works’ vocabulary teaching across the different levels of the Emotion Works programme. First of all, here’s a planning tool completed for the Story Book ‘In my Heart – a book of feelings’ by Jo Witek. This one is very […]

Word Works Activity Ideas

Word Works activities help reinforce and expand the vocabulary associated with each of the first 6 emotion cogs. When taking a closer look at each cog, plan at least 1 Word Works activity suitable for your group to help your pupils become more familiar with and develop vocabulary relating to the cog you’re focusing on.Remember to […]