Early Years Individual Package

Establishing the foundations of Emotional Literacy & Wellbeing in the Early Years

In today’s complex world, fostering emotional wellbeing in young children is more important than ever. At Emotion Works we firmly believe that developing emotional language and communication is fundamental for healthy emotional development and we love partnering with Early Learning Practitioners who feel the same way.

WHY CHOOSE Emotion Works?

While Emotion Works doesn’t have a magic wand to fix all of the challenges currently facing the Early Learning & Childcare sector, we do have something rather magical and unique to help foster a positive emotional environment for Early Years staff and pupils.

Our longstanding Programme for Social & Emotional Learning is reliably informed by wellbeing & resilience research and has been developed and improved through collaborative practice for the past 15 years with the goal of achieving the best possible outcomes in learning and wellbeing for all children & young people.

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Web Platform for Practitioners


Your membership grants you full access to our comprehensive Early Learning Launchpad, which is a dedicated environment for Early Years Practitioners. You also gain access to a wide range of extra Early Years digital resources and practice ideas in the Emotion Works Library, plus all specialist resources and guidance for pupils with Additional Support Needs.


  • Preparation pages to help you get organised with Training and Teaching resources to deliver the ‘Emotion Works Foundations’ Programme
  • An Introductory Module providing baseline assessment & starter activities, plus practice articles for longer term planning
  • 5 further Teaching Modules with resources and guidance for developing children’s vocabulary and language skills relating to 5 important aspects of emotional development

Hard Copy Resources


As well as accessing all training and teaching materials online with your web membership, your hard copy starter pack provides all the documentation you need to familiarise yourself with the Foundations programme and make a start with your planning and teaching.

The hard copy symbol resources come in a choice of Emotion Works Character Symbols, or PCS (Boardmaker) Symbols, which can be seen in the imagery shown.

Teaching Resources

  • Symbol Book (with choice of symbols)
  • Foundation Words Symbol Set (with choice of symbols)
  • 1 x set of ‘DIY’ labelling Cards
  • Feelings & Emotions Pupil Poster (A4)

Training & Planning Resources

  • Emotion Works Training Booklet
  •  Progression Document (Nursery & Primary)
  • Foundation Language Reference & Planning Grid
  • Foundation Language Quick Guide
  • A4 Model in Mind Poster
  • A4 Dialogue Tool
  • Getting Started Practitioner Checklist

Live Training & Meetings

Join IN, Engage &

As part of your membership, you will be welcome along to our practice support meetings and will be invited to our live 3-part introductory training course for Early Years Practitioners. Delivered termly by Programme creator Claire Murray, with practice inputs from invited members of our Early Learning Community.

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Ongoing Practice Support

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Your membership includes an ‘aftercare’ service with ongoing contact and support, practice guides & checklists, and an online community to help you progress through your Emotion Works journey.

Everything Included in your Package

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Emotion Works Character Symbols
PCS (Boardmaker) symbols
3 months £90 then £4.99 pm
1 year £150 then £49.99pa
2 years £200 then £49.99pa
3 years £250 then £49.99pa