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The nature of the Emotion Works ‘spiral’ curriculum is to revisit the key language and cog concepts with your learners over time using different teaching stimuli and a variety of resources.

This is where our EW Library comes in. In this area of the website you’ll find our ever-expanding library of Digital Resources and Practice Ideas, along with our archive of previous programmes..

You will also find our Specialist Training for work with learners with Severe & Complex needs.

NB. If this is your first time browsing Emotion Works (EW), we recommend working through the Getting Started Primary programme first as it will introduce you to EW practice via structured training and teaching modules, with clear resource and practice suggestions for each level & stage of Primary teaching


Hundreds of worksheets, slideshows, planning tools, symbol supports and much more. A filtering system helps you search by curriculum level, topic or cog concept to help you find what you’re looking for, or discover a new resource to use.


A ‘pinterest’-style overview of photos and completed work that can be searched through and looked at in more detail to inspire and support you in your planning and teaching.


Browse & download extra symbol support tools, character cut outs, slideshows, profiling and planning tools and lots more. Use the filters and key word search to help you find what you’re looking for, or discover a new resource to use.


Search through our ‘pinterest’-style overview of photos and thumbnail images to find something of interest that catches your eye, then click through to a selection of practice articles to inspire and support you in your ongoing planning and delivery of Emotion Works in your Nursery / ELC..


Severe Learning Disabilities & Complex Needs

All Emotion Works Members are very welcome to access the training and resource materials provided on our specialist ASN page.

If your work involves supporting learners with no or very little language and at a ‘very early’ level of learning we’re sure you’ll find the content and case studies shared highly relevant and extremely valuable. 


Nursery | Primary | S1/2

This is our archived Literacy Programme from the 2021-22 school session. 

At a time when concerns surrounding the impact of the pandemic on children’s language, communication and learning generally as well as on their mental health and emotional wellbeing, the #ewLiteracy Programme focused on expanding emotional vocabulary, and provided lots of examples for reading and writing activities to help develop emotional literacy and promote emotional wellbeing.


Welcome to our collection of Padlets with lots of ideas to help you deliver the Emotion Works programme using a Literacy stimulus.

Children’s literature is full of #cogtastic opportunities for Emotion Works teaching. In this set of Padlets we’ve pulled together a range of literacy stimuli that can be used to help teach the different aspects of the Emotion Works programme.

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