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Establishing the foundations of Emotional Literacy & Wellbeing in Early Years Settings

In today’s complex world, fostering emotional wellbeing in young children is more important than ever. At Emotion Works we firmly believe that developing emotional language and communication is fundamental for healthy emotional development and we love partnering with Early Learning Settings & Practitioners who feel the same way.

WHY CHOOSE Emotion Works?

The Emotion Works curriculum for Social Emotional Learning is expertly designed, extensively piloted and is the perfect choice for an emotional literacy and wellbeing resource in the Early Years.

With your younger learners we’ll help you build the foundation language and vocabulary required for developing self-awareness and emotional understanding, and we’ll guide you to create a positive emotional learning environment in your Early Learning setting over the long term.

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Web Platform for Practitioners

Your lead practitioners will be set up with a Membership account to access our Early Learning Launchpad, which is a dedicated environment for the Emotion Works Foundations program. Access is also provided to a wide range of additional Early Years digital resources and practice ideas in the Emotion Works Library, plus all specialist resources and guidance for pupils with Additional Support Needs.

  • Preparation pages to help get organised with Training and Teaching resources to deliver the ‘Emotion Works Foundations’ Programme
  • An Introductory Module providing baseline assessment & starter activities, plus practice articles for longer term planning
  • 5 further Teaching Modules with resources and guidance for developing children’s vocabulary and language skills relating to 5 important aspects of emotional development
  • Access to online recordings of our Early Learning Training for all Staff 


Teaching Resources

Each room in your setting is supplied with a set of teaching resources for supporting learning activities across the 2-5 year age range.

The symbol resources included come in a choice of Emotion Works Character Symbols, or PCS (Boardmaker) Symbols, which can be seen in the imagery shown.

Staff Pack & Training Documents

Staff resources include a Cog Model Reference Poster and Vocabulary Planning tools.

Lead Practitioners involved in co-ordinating and planning for Emotion Works in your setting will be supplied with all the necessary documentation & tools required.

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We'll be with you every step of the way


Our 3-part Introductory Training course for Early Years Practitioners is delivered by Programme creator Claire Murray and runs live on a termly basis. The recordings of previous courses are also available to watch in your own time via the Early Learning Members Platform.

Your membership also includes access to our Practice Support Service with ongoing contact and support, practice guides & checklists, and an online community to help you progress through your Emotion Works journey.


With a special focus on supporting Early Years implementation and capacity building from the start, we look forward to signposting you through your own Nursery / ELC Journey and helping you to track and celebrate the positive impacts on learning and wellbeing that you are achieving with your staff and children.

Credibility: An Emotion Works school award signals to parents, assessors and the wider community that you are committed to best practices in emotional learning and wellbeing for all.

Team Morale: Working towards and achieving the different levels of award is a collaborative process that boosts motivation and morale among staff, who see their efforts formally recognised.

Continuous Improvement: Our tiered system of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Awards encourages continuous development over a longer period of time and allows for recognition at increasing levels of competence.

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We know that Nursery & ELC budgets are currently stretched and Early Years Practitioners are under increasing pressure to meet a wider and more complex range of learning and wellbeing needs with decreasing resources. We’ve enabled Early Learning Practitioners & Settings to access and pay only for relevant programme and membership features. By completing this form and sharing your needs, we can tailor a package for you.

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