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After many years of helping hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers with Emotion Works implementation, we’re delighted to be able to  share some of the best aspects of our Practitioner Support service  on this new web page dedicated to helping you all get the most from your Emotion Works membership. 

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Sophie Stevenson

Live Chat: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am - 4:30pm

School Advisor with Primary expertise, particularly with schools and practitioners at the beginning of their Emotion Works journey. 

Before qualifying as a Primary School Teacher I worked as a freelance Drama Facilitator, an Au Pair, and even a few starring roles in Panto! As you can tell, I have a real interest in supporting children’s emotional wellbeing and helping them to be happy.

I first became aware of Emotion Works via the #EWRecovery programme. I was working in a Fife Primary School and my role at the time involved covering non-class contact time so I’ve had experience of delivering Emotion Works at all stages of the Primary School. I find the Cog framework to be very helpful and extremely versatile and I personally love that EW is not overly prescriptive as I like to add my own creativity to my planning.

I really liked applying the ‘3Rs’ of the Recovery Programme too – the principles and ideas were so useful for relationship building across classes and also in 1:1 work when I was working in Pupil Support. There was a lot of regulating of emotions and behaviours happening in 2020. Thank goodness for the Cogs!

I’m passionate about the potential of Emotion Works on children’s learning and wellbeing  by helping them to articulate their thoughts and feelings, especially during these tricky times.

I love being part of the Practice Support Team providing advice and guidance to schools and teachers in the #EWcommunity. Seeing what you’re all achieving by using Emotion Works and hearing your success stories is a favourite part of my job. 

I look forward to connecting with many more of you via email, our new web chat function on this page or hopefully at one of our fortnightly check in meetings on Microsoft Teams. 

Katrina Meldrum

Live Chat: Tuesday, Thursday 10am - 4:30pm

School Advisor with Primary and Inclusion expertise, supporting whole school roll-outs and Next Steps teaching.

Prior to joining the Emotion Works team as a School Advisor I worked as a Class Teacher and Inclusion Teacher in Lanarkshire for 11 years

My first degree and previous career was in nursing which I also enjoyed for 11 years. Along with being a Youth Worker in my early days, I’m also a Mum to 2 grown up children and can now add the job title of Nana to my CV!

Through all of these experiences I’ve come to fully appreciate the importance of mental health and emotional wellbeing in our holistic health. I absolutely love the approach that Emotion Works takes in boosting mental health and wellbeing through  emotional learning in schools. And I also love that it’s so inclusive.

I had discovered and started using Emotion Works just before the first Lockdown of 2020 so it was interesting to develop my teaching of the programme through home learning experiences, which was admittedly greatly helped by my interest in digital learning. But having the chance to teach the #EWRecovery Programme back in school with all my classes was really great – the Emotion Cogs and 3Rs quickly became an invaluable part of my teaching toolkit and identity in school.

At a time that was so difficult for everyone, I was so grateful for the online support available from the EW team. I felt fully supported to use EW under challenging circumstances and, even better, I could see the impact it was having on my pupils as well as some of their family members too.  

I became an EW School Advisor because I want to be that person I needed when starting out on my EW journey and developing my practice, so do please do get in touch. I’ll be delighted to help.

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Rachel Aylott, Principal Teacher (HWB) shares the cog-tastic journey taken by staff, pupils and parents at Dunblane Primary School, Stirling using the #EWrecovery programme throughout the 2020-21 session.

embedding Emotion works

Marnie Hamilton is the Principal Teacher and Emotion Works Lead at Newmains Primary School in North Lanarkshire. In this 35 minute presentation she shares her school’s inspiring 3 year journey introducing and embedding Emotion Works. 


07/09/20224pmInformation Session for nEW Starts. Click here to join.

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Check regularly to see any new upcoming events

Members can attend any of the events listed. Login and click on an event to register or join live on the day.