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About this training

This 4-part training course was originally delivered online during the summer term of 2021 for staff within the Emotion Works community working with pupils with Severe & Complex ASN at a ‘very early’ level of learning and communication. The feedback for the course was so positive we’ve decided to provide it as a stand-alone module using the video recordings of the live training and over 100 pages of downloadable resources.   

Each recorded session is delivered and co-ordinated by Claire Murray (Programme Creator) with input from ASN practitioners Clara Smith (Fairview School, Perth & Kinross), Ailie Davie (East Park School, Glasgow), Steph Murray (formerly Prospect Bank School, Edinburgh, now Woodside Provision at Windygoul Primary, East Lothian) and Lori McCreadie (also Woodside Provision).

What’s included

  • 6 hours of training recordings (across 4 sessions)
  • Over 100 pages of Training Material including practical tools, resources and case examples
  • Access to the Emotion Works Complex Needs  facebook group and online community

What you’ll gain from this training and material

  • A practical framework for thinking about and planning emotional wellbeing experiences with non-verbal or ‘very early’ level learners.
  • Communication level guidance and resources that support very early language development 
  • A range of tried and tested tools and approaches from the Emotion Works ASN workstream
  • Case example inputs and evidence of impact
  • The opportunity to learn from and connect with others working with children and young people with severe & complex learning needs
  • Personal reflection on your own experiences of working with this group of learners in terms of the particular challenges and joys it brings

ASN Severe & Complex Training

Session recordings & RESOURCES

Complimentary Training

Session 1 - Introduction and overview of Emotion Works for ‘very Early’ level learners

see below for training documents & direct resource downloads

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Session 2 - Understanding your learners – The Component 'Cog' Model Dialogue Tool

see below for training documents & direct resource downloads

Session 3 - Symbol Supported Learning – using 'in-the-moment labelling'

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see below for training documents & direct resource downloads

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Session 4 - Further tools and guidance with a regulation focus

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Severe & Complex ASN


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General Emotion Works Training Booklet

Relevant Pages:

  • Component ‘Cog’ Model visual
  • Word Bank for each Cog
  • Levels of Learning Progression overview
  • Additional Support Framework
  • Scottish Policy Context summary 

Specialist ASN Training Overview Handout


  • 4 summary pages detailing the content of the 4 training sessions
  • A list of the tools & resources covered in each session & the case examples of ‘Emotion Works in Practice’ 


Extra tools & material not included in the session download files above

Full PCS (Boardmaker) Symbol Set for all Foundation Words

‘Regulation Ready’ planner and calming strategy prompt sheet

120 more regulation symbols – PCS

Connect with Me: Early Communicator Profile

Emotion Works ASN workstream



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