Specialist ASN Training Course – Severe & Complex Needs: SMALL GROUP access

£250.00 (excl. VAT)

This purchase provides access for a group of up to 5 teachers to engage with our specialist training course for work with pupils who have Severe & Complex Additional Support Needs.

Login access will be set up for a lead practitioner in the first instance who will then be able to set up access for the rest of the teaching staff in your group. Access is set up using email addresses along with a password that can be changed and personalised by each person allocated access.

Access for Individuals: we also provide this same product for individuals wishing to access the training course for personal CPD and use the materials with their own class or caseload only. Individual Membership Option

Also for Staff Groups – if your school, service or provision caters for pupils across different levels of learning (not just very Early Level) you may prefer to purchase a full Emotion Works Membership package which includes access to all Emotion Works online training and resources (including this specialist course), plus hard copy resources for use with children across Early, First & Second levels of Learning (EYFS/KS1/KS2). Full Membership Product for Groups

What’s included

  • 6 hours of training recordings (across 4 sessions)
  • Over 100 pages of Training Material including practical tools, resources and case examples
  • Access to the Emotion Works Complex Needs facebook group and online community

Preview & Try before you buy

This course was developed and delivered in line with our ‘Community Interest Company’ (CIC) status which means that we allocate time and funding each year to projects that improve outcomes for children and young people who face challenges in their life and learning due to disability or disadvantage. 

We’re therefore very happy to provide open access to the first training session and resources in the course to anyone who would find it useful and of benefit to the children & young people they work with or care for. View Page.

£250.00 (excl. VAT)