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Please keep in mind that by using any membership services, hard copy or digital resources from Emotion Works you agree:
  • to use the resources and services for personal and/or direct classroom use and in accordance with the User License Agreement 
  • to use the resources and services to support the roll-out of Emotion Works’ educational programme for emotional learning and literacy.
  • to always acknowledge Emotion Works as the source of hard copy and digital materials.
  • to acknowledge that intellectual property rights of the Programme and all resources and services belong to Emotion Works and will remain our property at all times.
  • not to reproduce, make alterations to, or modifications of the whole or any part of the hard copy and digital materials.
About your membership

All of our memberships are governed by our User License Agreement.  Depending on the type of membership you purchased, you will have a single user or a multi-user license. 

If you have an individual license, you understand and agree to use any of the content of Emotion Works Programme for your private and personal purposes only. 

If you are a school or organisation and have a group membership/multi-user license, you understand and agree to only use the content of the Emotion Works Programme for the number of concurrent users agreed between you and us.

Please note that we take the copying of any part of our resources and the sharing of access to our membership services very seriously given that we invest heavily in our programme and team to produce the highest quality resources and services.

If we suspect you are circumventing or bypassing, or attempting to circumvent or bypass, our Copyright, User License Agreement and/or our Terms and Conditions, we have the right to cancel your subscription and remove your membership privileges at any time and at our discretion.

You should know that…

Emotion Works services and resources have been designed to support children and young people in educational contexts to develop emotional understanding and competence through learning and interactive activities with adults who know them well. 

The premise is that such learning and interactive experiences contribute to positive emotional development and wellbeing based on current thinking and research in the field of child development. The Emotion Works programme is therefore focused around emotional learning and literacy outcomes – it is not intended to offer a therapeutic intervention and Emotion Works makes no claims in this respect. This statement forms part of our Terms & Conditions where further information is available.