Primary Individual Package

Empowering Primary Educators to Foster Emotional Wellbeing

At Emotion Works we firmly believe that developing emotional understanding and communication in children is fundamental for healthy emotional development and we love partnering with Primary Teachers & Practitioners who feel the same way.

Our approach to emotional education is all about 'Putting Learning at the Heart of Emotional Wellbeing' so if that aligns with your own ethos we'd love to work with you too.

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WHY CHOOSE Emotion Works?

While Emotion Works doesn’t have a magic wand to fix all of the challenges currently facing Primary Teachers & Practitioners, we do have something rather magical and unique to help foster a positive emotional environment in Primary School Practice.

Our longstanding Programme for Social & Emotional Learning is reliably informed by wellbeing & resilience research and has been developed and improved through collaborative practice for the past 15 years with the goal of achieving the best possible outcomes in learning and wellbeing for all children & young people.

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Web Platform for Practitioners


Our Primary Launchpad is a dedicated environment for Primary Teachers and Practitioners providing access to our extensive bank of training & teaching resources with guidance for delivering Emotion Works at each Primary Level. 


  • 8 Modules of online Training and Teaching material to take you step by step through the early stages of your Emotion Works journey
  • 4 areas of content linked to our Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum School Awards (if you’re connected to a Primary School)
  • Access to the Nursery and ASN pages for effective differentiation when required
  • Access to the ‘EW Library’ archive of digital resources and practice ideas

Hard Copy Resources

Get equipped for training & teaching

In addition to your online Membership, a range of teaching and training resources are included in your package and there are also optional extras you can add in if you wish.

Browse through the slideshow to take a look and find out more.

Live Training & Meetings

Join IN, Engage &

As an individual primary member you are very welcome to take part in our live Primary Inservice training sessions at the beginning of each school year, or attend our introductory training and members meetings running throughout the school session. 

All training is delivered by Emotion Works Programme creator Claire Murray.

Ongoing Practice Support

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Your membership includes an ‘aftercare’ service with ongoing contact and support from qualified & experienced teachers, practice guides & checklists, and an online community to help you progress through your Emotion Works journey.

Everything Included in your Package

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3 months £90 then £4.99 pm
1 year £150 then £49.99pa
2 years £200 then £49.99pa
3 years £250 then £49.99pa