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Empowering Primary Educators to Foster Emotional Wellbeing

At Emotion Works we firmly believe that developing emotional understanding and communication in children is fundamental for healthy emotional development and we love partnering with Primary Teachers & Practitioners who feel the same way.

To find out about the positive impacts our Programme can have on your own practice and the learners you work with, take a look at our video to hear from staff, pupils and parents at Dunblane Primary School, Stirling, who are one of our first schools to gain an Emotion Works Gold Award

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WHY CHOOSE Emotion Works?

WHY CHOOSE Emotion Works?

Our curriculum for Social Emotional Learning is expertly designed, extensively piloted and provides all the knowledge, resources and guidance you’ll need to plan and deliver high quality emotional learning experiences for the children and young people you work with. 

You may be interested in purchasing an Individual Package to try out the programme in your own classroom before deciding to purchase a full package for your school. Or you may have a particular group or caseload of learners in mind who you want to work with in a more targeted way over an extended period. Either way, we’ll be on hand to support you with your planning and teaching every step of the way.

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Meet our Programme Creator


Web Platform for Practitioners

Our Primary Launchpad is a dedicated environment for Primary Teachers providing online training and teaching material for rolling out Emotion Works across each stage of the Primary School.

An area for Digital Resources provides every document, slideshow and print-out you’ll need to engage with the training and deliver the programme to your class or group. 


Included with an Individual Package:

A Primary Teaching Pack of robust and reusable hard copy resources featuring wipe-clean surfaces and full colour visuals with integrated teaching prompts. You can choose which symbol visuals you’d like for your Symbol Book resource.

A Training Booklet, Progression Document, Primary Teacher Checklist & Practice Support Poster are also provided as a Hard Copy for easy reference.

Additional Resources can be purchased as optional extras if you wish to add to your toolkit.

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We'll be with you every step of the way


Training for delivering the Primary Programme is via the Primary Launchpad. An overview module about the Component Model curriculum is followed by a series of training videos by Claire Murray (creator of the Emotion Works programme) covering each of the individual cogs.

Our Practice Support Team can be contacted at any time for advice and guidance, and our monthly meetings for Primary Practitioners provide live check-ins to ask questions or catch up with the latest practice ideas. 

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With a special focus on Primary School implementation and capacity building from the start, we look forward to signposting you through your own Primary School Award Journey and helping you to track and celebrate the positive impacts on learning and wellbeing that Emotion Works schools are achieving.

Credibility: An Emotion Works school award signals to parents, school assessors and the wider community that you are committed to best practices in emotional education and wellbeing for all.

Team Morale: Working towards and achieving the different levels of award is a collaborative process that boosts motivation and morale among teachers and staff, who see their efforts formally recognised.

Continuous Improvement: Our tiered system of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Awards encourages continuous development over a longer period of time and allows for recognition at increasing levels of competence.

Everything Included in an Individual Package

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Please note, School Implementation Training and School Award support is not included with Individual Memberships


Emotion Works Character Symbols
PCS (Boardmaker) symbols
3 months £90 then £4.99 pm
1 year £150 then £49.99pa
2 years £200 then £49.99pa
3 years £250 then £49.99pa

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