Greenburn School Emotion Story Boxes

This set of Emotion Works Story Boxes have been developed by staff at Greenburn School, South Lanarkshire to help their pupils with identifying and naming their emotions and also to manage and regulate them too.

Along with other specialist settings who use the Emotion Works programme with pupils with Learning Disabilities, Greenburn staff are drawing on the Cog Model framework to plan learning opportunities that promote language learning and emotional understanding linked to the different aspects of emotion represented by the cogs.

In this excellent practice example you’ll see how the preparation of 13 story boxes containing a variety of symbol, object and sensory prompts relating to the storyline in each of the books provides a very comprehensive and focused way to focus on naming the Happy, Sad and Angry emotions and for practising and naming  Regulation Strategies linked to those emotions.

Click on the photos in the galleries below to take a closer look at the contents in each box and symbols used.

View & download the Story Box contents list here

Watch the recording below featuring  Greenburn’s PT Pamela Walker in discussion with Claire about the Emotion Story Boxes at a recent ASN Networking Meeting.

Books used with a Happy Theme

  • When I Feel Happy
  • Jar of Happiness
  • Happy Owl Book
  • Have you filled your bucket today?

Books used with a Sad Theme

  • When I Feel Sad
  • Everybody Feels Sad
  • Big Hid

Books used with an Angry Theme

  • When I Feel Angry
  • Everybody Feels Angry
  • Ravi’s Roar
  • Marvin Gets Mad
  • Calm Down Boris
  • Angry Octopus


Practice Sharing Meeting Recording