Creating a Class Cog Book

As well as an individual workbook, such as 1-cog-at-a-time, collaborative working on a page per cog in a class book can help to reinforce learning about each cog concept Develop an Emotion Works Cog Book Here are some example pages from an Emotion Works book where information was summarised on each page by a P7 […]

Feel good triggers

Pulled through from the Recovery Programme yellow cog teaching page, this 2-part slideshow and activity ideas can help you discuss the practices of gratitude and mindfulness as ‘feel good triggers’ and positive mental health strategies. All levels Feel good triggers Lockdown wasn’t easy, and there was lots about it that was a challenge. But it […]

7-cog Model and 7 cogs slideshow & poster resource

‘Timed’ Assessments for Cog Understanding

Coggle Analysis – what it is and how to do it

The ‘Coggle Analysis’ planning tool has been around for a while so we’ve created this page to share some examples of how it looks and works in practice. We also want to be more explicit about what we mean by ‘Coggle Vision’ for those of you new to Emotion Works and the cogs. Read on […]

In My Heart – A vocabulary planning example across all Emotion Works levels

In this article we demonstrate how the Vocabulary Planning Tool can be useful for informing ‘Word Works’ vocabulary teaching across the different levels of the Emotion Works programme. First of all, here’s a planning tool completed for the Story Book ‘In my Heart – a book of feelings’ by Jo Witek. This one is very […]

B&W Cog activity sheets

Word Works Activity Ideas

Word Works activities help reinforce and expand the vocabulary associated with each of the first 6 emotion cogs. When taking a closer look at each cog, plan at least 1 Word Works activity suitable for your group to help your pupils become more familiar with and develop vocabulary relating to the cog you’re focusing on.Remember to […]

Cognifying Glasses to help look out for Cog-specific content

Using a ‘cognifying glass’ for Emotion Word-spotting This is an idea first shared by a nurture teacher in West Lothian a few years ago which she said was inspired by our ‘coggles’ idea.Since sharing on our members website the idea of helping pupils focus in on a cog through a coloured lens has become a […]

Creating Cog posters, displays and other talking points

This article provides examples of different ways that teachers and pupils can engage in lots of listening and talking activities about each of the emotion cogs and to share the learning in posters, displays, class books and other talking points. Cog Wall Displays or Pages in a Class Book Whether learning about  the 5-part, 6-part […]