Symbols in Practice in Early Learning Settings

This article provides a range of examples showing how symbols added to the nursery environment and incorporated into activity planning can increase opportunities for children to learn and practice emotional language and develop emotional undersatnding. Browse the photos in the first slideshow to see the variety of possibilities. Planning for Seasonal Discussions In the context of […]

A school blog example showcasing a Pupil Film making project

Information Sharing with Parents & Families

 A collection of resources from the EW Library and schools from the EW Community to help with sharing information about Emotion Works with parents and families. Emotion Works Parent Slideshow Our own slideshow that we created for schools to show on-screen at a parent information session about Emotion Works.A handout / flyer of the slides […]

Greenburn School Emotion Story Boxes

This set of Emotion Works Story Boxes have been developed by staff at Greenburn School, South Lanarkshire to help their pupils with identifying and naming their emotions and also to manage and regulate them too. Along with other specialist settings who use the Emotion Works programme with pupils with Learning Disabilities, Greenburn staff are drawing […]

Book of the week – 1 cog focus at a time

We really like this idea from Treetop Family Nurture Centre in Fife who identified a series of books over a period of weeks to use as a book of the week. Their clever ‘coggle vision’ planning meant that the books they shared each week were chosen because they contained a lot of words relating to a […]

Nursery or Nurture Room Wall Display for developing emotion vocabulary

This interactive Feelings and Emotions wall display was developed from a proposal we shared with the EYs team at Towerbank Nursery in Edinburgh.The upper half of the display shows photographs of different ages of people showing different emotions,  displayed with a corresponding emotion word.  These photos were found by using an internet photo search, but commercially […]

‘Soacks’ Poem from Scots Hoose website

Here’s a fun idea for adding an Emotion Works twist to a Scottish Poetry activity Add an extra verse:Emotion Words / Orange Cog focuseg Cheery socks, Sad soacksReally really mad soacks Encourage more sophisticated words for older learners.How many Scots words can you include? You could also write verses for different cogs: Behaviour / Green Cogeg Laughing soacks, Greetin soacksSleepin […]

Emotion Works Christmas Padlet

Halloween Discussion Activity with Slides

2 Halloween-themed slides for a seasonal Emotion Works discussions Link to open the PDF here and show on-screen using ‘view full screen’.

The ‘in-the-moment-labelling’ approach in practice

During puppet play, this ASN teacher builds on her pupil’s emerging knowledge of the emotion words happy and sad using the ‘in-the-moment’ labelling approach using a symbol keyring of emotion words. By labelling the emotions happy or sad using a spoken word and a symbol while the child is actually experiencing an emotion himself or […]