Anxiety Resource for Mental Health Awareness Week

Information Sharing with Parents & Families

 A collection of resources from the EW Library and schools from the EW Community to help with sharing information about Emotion Works with parents and families. Emotion Works Parent Slideshow Our own slideshow that we created for schools to show on-screen at a parent information session about Emotion Works.A handout / flyer of the slides […]

Emotion Works Christmas Padlet

Halloween Discussion Activity with Slides

2 Halloween-themed slides for a seasonal Emotion Works discussions Link to open the PDF here and show on-screen using ‘view full screen’.

High School Transition and Emotion Works

P7 teachers – don’t forget to make use of your 7-cog poster to help unpack your pupil’s feelings about high school.In the example shown in the slideshow below, the teacher started out by using the Pop Art imagery of Roy Lichtenstein with characters displaying worried looks to encourage pupils to speculate on what was making […]

Roald Dahl Literacy Examples

Here we share a collection of practice ideas and examples from our own work and our practitioner community that use Roald Dahl novels as a stimulus for Emotion Works and Literacy lessons. We’ll be adding lots more over the month of September since it’s  Roald Dahl Day on 13th.Please also take a look at our […]

Creating a Class Cog Book

As well as an individual workbook, such as 1-cog-at-a-time, collaborative working on a page per cog in a class book can help to reinforce learning about each cog concept Develop an Emotion Works Cog Book Here are some example pages from an Emotion Works book where information was summarised on each page by a P7 […]

Cog Sheet Carousel

A follow up activity for after a 7-cog model introduction: Prepare a set of single cog sheets from the digital resource library or use a set of cog shaped cards or your component cards from the starter pack. Alternatively you could use 7 sheets of plain coloured or white paper with a coloured cog title at […]

To a Moose Literacy Stimulus – EW & IDL Planner

The stimulus for this Upper Primary / Second Level / 7-part model Literacy /EW mini-topic is the ‘To a Mouse’ poem by Robbie Burns.There are lots of written versions plus audio and video recitals of the poem to be found online, along with translations to help you familiarise yourself with the poem to support your discussions with […]

Anger Emotion Category – stimulus and activity ideas for cog conversations

To help you take a deeper dive into exploring the concept of Anger with your learners using the Emotion Cogs, this article provides a range of Literacy Stimulus ideas that will be motivating to use with your class or group for cog conversations. We haven’t identified a particular level of learning or school stage for […]