Connect People & Relationships Class Topic

The ‘in-the-moment-labelling’ approach in practice

During puppet play, this ASN teacher builds on her pupil’s emerging knowledge of the emotion words happy and sad using the ‘in-the-moment’ labelling approach using a symbol keyring of emotion words. By labelling the emotions happy or sad using a spoken word and a symbol while the child is actually experiencing an emotion himself or […]

Getting to Know You Activities and the ‘Connect’ Resource

A perfect set of resources for the start of a new session when you’re getting to know a new class or group. The toolset and guidance booklet will also be a helpful source of information and ideas for nurture practitioners and others working with pupils in more targeted ways towards developing positive relationships. Connect Relationship […]

Using Connect Profiling to set up a Nurture Class

Emotion Works in a Nurture Classroom

Creating an Emotion Works Christmas Tree with Cog Baubles

Whole Class Emotions Scrap Booking

The Disgusting Sandwich: Introducing the Yellow Triggers Cog

Pokemon and the 5 part model

De-escalation Conversation Tool