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Training Twilights for School Leads (and interested Teachers)

Tuesday 30th January OR Thursday 22nd February

Happy nEW Year from EW!

  • How is your Goal Setting going so far for for progressing Emotional Education and Wellbeing in your School during 2024?
  • Would it be helpful to access some focused support to help you track and evidence your impact?

Here’s how we can work in partnership with you on your learning & wellbeing goals for 2024 if you join our Winter Starts Cohort:

  • You’ll be set up with an Emotion Works Membership Package within your budget that will allow you to achieve your Primary School BRONZE award by Summer 2024
  • We’ll provide live online training sessions and support for Emotion Works School Leads and interested teachers as part of a cohort of Practitioners from schools at a similar stage of their Emotion Works journey  
  • If you wish, you can progress on to access our Silver, Gold and Platinum curriculum programme and work towards achieving the corresponding School Awards
  • All teachers will have access to a dedicated School Advisor to help them engage with our Primary Training and Teaching content relevant to the level of Award your school is working towards
  • We’ll help you set your school goals, gather your evidence and share your impacts in a systematic and supported way.

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Play Video

Watch the Training Recording

A 42 minute recording introducing the main 5 Emotion Works cogs using a Component Card example, plus a walk through some of the resources provided in the free COGmas activity packs.

Activity Pack 1

30 slides and worksheets with a Cog Bauble theme to create your COGmas displays, compose festive stories, and engage in single cog work.

Activity Pack 2

Show on-screen for Cog discussions about 10 Christmas words and to formulate festive stories. With worksheets for exploring other words of your choice.

DAYS 5, 6, 7 & 8

Between 7th - 12th December

Tweet about a Festive Story
for an EW prize and COGmas glory!


THE CHALLENGE: Compose a 5-part, 6-part or 7-part festive story starting with one of the festive words provided in the COGmas Activity Packs.

THE GIVEAWAYS: 3 x sets of our 5-part, 6-part & 7-part Cog Noteboard & Storyboard Tools.


  • Your COGmas story can be told from the perspective of a fictional character in a book, film, Christmas Advert or your own imagination. Alternatively, your story can be based on a real life scenario or memory, or it can be about someone you know, or someone in the news.
  • You might choose to create a class or group story using the Bauble Cog Sheets, or other card sets you have. If you’ve already created a display during days 1-4 then you’re half way there – just make use of it to build your ‘story’ by recording the discussion you have using the cogs in the display. Members who have an Interactive Symbol Display resource set up could use this too. 
  • Start with one of the Emotion Words on the orange cog card or sheet and go from there. Build up your story as you move along on to the other cog cards – including the Trigger, Body Sensations, Behaviours and Regulation Strategies cogs. Plus Intensity and Influences if you’re working with those cogs too. We’d be very happy to see stories shared from these activities.
  • If you’re not too familiar with the Emotion Works Cog System use the word slides in Activity Pack 2 to help you structure your Cog Conversation about a particular word. This should help you see how the cogs help structure emotional narrative and story telling about different emotional events and experiences.
  • After working on composing an emotion story together, or discussing one of the word slides, pupils could then work in groups, pairs or individually to create their own story about the same emotion discussed, or a different one from the word list. Learners from member schools could make use of their A3 Storyboard tool, a story board worksheet or use one of the new festive Bauble versions of these provided in Activity Pack 1.
  • ‘Cog Confident’ pupils might manage to compose a festive story by simply referring to a Cog Model rather than setting it out on a storyboard. Any written out versions always look great when highlighters in the cog colours are then used to highlight the different words & phrases in the story that relate to the cog concepts.
  • Another idea for adding a festive touch to your story compositions would be to create 5-part, 6-part or 7-part paper chains to think about the different cog components of the story separately and then to link them up in a single story chain.
  • Emotion Works Practitioners often use the cogs to ‘unpack’ the different aspects of emotion in a Literacy Stimulus – take a look at some festive examples of this on the Emotion Works Christmas Padlet
  • We’d also be delighted to see your #EWcogmas stories shared through artwork, drama, song or any other creative ideas you have that we haven’t thought of or seen before!


Members & Past Members can use Emotion Works hard copy resources in your lessons and tweets, and use  Storyboard / Noteboard printouts from the website as worksheets and writing frames.

Non-Members could use the Bauble Cards & Story Boards provided in Activity Pack 1, and the ‘Closer Look at an Emotion Word’ Worksheet from Activity Pack 2.

You could also make use of any Cog Displays created during Days 1-4 to help compose of show off your #EWcogmas stories.

Remember about our guidance for which cogs to use at different levels. We’ll be looking to award our Noteboard & Storyboard giveaways to the number of cogs in each winning story.

  • 5 cogs (lower primary/early level)
  • 6 cogs (middle Primary / 1st Level)
  • or 7 cogs (Upper Primary / 2nd Level)

TO ENTER: Tweet your stories on 7th, 8th, 11th or 12th December to be in with a chance of winning a set of Noteboard & Storyboard Tools

Please tag us using @EmotionWorksCIC  and the hashtag #EWcogmas
plus #EWmember OR #EWpastmember OR #EWnonmember

Where possible we’ll allocate 1 giveaway to each of the different membership categories. All winners will be posted on our twitter page on Tues 19th December at 2pm.

DAY 11

15th December

Show us something really cool
to win a Playground Cog Set
for your school!


THE CHALLENGE: We’d love to see something special or unique using the Emotion Works framework and Cogs to win this special festive giveaway.


  • A compilation of your work over the COGmas period from your own class, or across your school
  • A video or blog post about your 12 Days of COGmas experience
  • A piece of work that demonstrates a significant or meaningful impact on a pupil, group, class, staff or your wider school community
  • Your own idea or creation 

EXTRA INSPIRATION: If you’d like some extra ideas and inspiration, take a look over the following 2 pages of our #EWrecoveryprogramme Competition Gallery

TO ENTER: Tweet on or before Friday 15th December day to be in with a chance of winning the full set Playground Cogs, using the tags @EmotionWorksCIC  #EWcogmas
plus #EWmember OR #EWpastmember OR #EWnonmember

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