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Well done to everyone who took part in our first ever #CogLearning Competition.

We’ve been so impressed by all of the work that has been submitted and to hear all about the wonderful learning that has been taking place in so many schools using the Emotion Works Recovery Programme across Scotland.

Our competition galleries provide an opportunity to celebrate and share all that has been achieved across the #EWcommunity since the return to school after lockdown.

Please enjoy browsing our winner and runner-up entries on this page for larger project work. We love that so many schools shared a compilation of the work that has been happening in classes or across the whole school during the Recovery programme.

Announcing our Coggle-tastic

LARGER project CATEGORY Winners

Dunblane Primary School, Stirling

A highly entertaining video by Dunblane primary pupils who filmed their very own episode of Cogglebox – Gogglebox with a cog themed twist!

Play Video

This very popular winner in the larger project category really did take a unique spin on sharing their learning about the cogs!

As many of you know, we use the idea of wearing ‘coggles’ to help us look at things through an Emotion Works lens. Lots of schools take on this idea and make their own fantastic versions of coggles like the ones shown here.

It was an absolutely inspired idea by Principal Teacher and HWB lead at Dunblane, Rachel Aylott, to come up with the idea of ‘Cogglebox’ to encourage children to view a selection of TV programmes, movies and adverts using Coggle vision!

We’re sure you’ll agree the pupils across all year groups did an impressive job of creating Cogglevision. Thanks to the P4s for sending us a photo of yourselves proudly showing off your winning cog set, and to the P7s for this comment on their school’s achievement…

“We are so pleased to have won this! We have spent a lot of time working on it so we are glad it paid off in the end. We think that after doing Emotion Works we are able to deal with our emotions much better and it has benefited our whole school. Thank you very much for choosing us and for gifting the very cool cogs!”

Congratulations to all of our Larger Project


Turriff Primary School, Aberdeen

The 18 classes at Turriff Primary wanted to showcase some of the brilliant Emotion Works learning activities completed this term and last so we made a HUGE display in the canteen area for all the classes to see. The display started with one cog and as the weeks progressed more cogs and more work was added, it has been a fantastic talking point for all pupils and staff at the school.”  Fiona Eaton, Head Teacher
We loved seeing this collection of work set out so well and hearing about how it came together as a talking and focal point for the whole school. Well done to all pupils and staff at Turriff Primary who have only just joined us this year.

Click play to see how well the display shaped up.

Port Ellen Primary School, Isle of Isla

This is a super video of work compiled by school champion and accredited Emotion Works practitioner Amy Hannett. Port Ellen have been using Emotion Works for some time now, so we’re delighted to have this opportunity to showcase their progress here.

Some of the work we have been doing in Port Ellen Primary using Emotion Works since August. We have been using picture books and class novels across the school to develop emotional vocabulary and then link this into using the remaining cogs. Some examples of topics, literacy and outdoor learning.”

Press the play button to see examples of work from each of the 3 composite classes.

Millbank Primary School Nursery, Nairn

“Nursery staff have been really busy introducing the cogs to the boys and girls. So far, they have explored the Orange, Yellow, Green and Red Cogs in detail with more blue Cog work planned for after Christmas. There has been lots of art and craft activities, drama in our garden and rhyming taking place.”  Pauline Thomson, DHT

It’s a real pleasure to include this example of Early Years practice as a runner up in this competition gallery, as the Recovery Programme training and teaching ideas really just started at P1. Well done to Millbank Nursery staff for showing how conversations with our youngest learners can include the language of the cogs in preparation for more formal learning about the cog concepts.

Click through the slideshow to see the work for each cog in turn.

Knightsridge Primary School, West Lothian

“A little taste of our Emotion Works journey…building relationships, trust and resilience with our pupils at Knightsridge Primary School. It has become a common language at school. Thank you Claire 💛🧡❤💚💙”   Rebekah Piper, teacher and EW champion

Here’s another submission from a longstanding Emotion Works school. It’s so good to see the key principles of the Recovery programme shining through in this work alongside the cog work too. Thank you Rebekah for sharing. 🙏

Press play to see how well #EWrecovery fitted in with the school’s Improvement Plan.

Wallacestone Primary School, Falkirk

A wee book sharing our EW Journey in P2 at Wallacestone Primary School, Falkirk.by teachers Nicki Manning, Helen Devine and Claire Leonard

We loved the creativity in this entry – by teachers as well as pupils! It’s a book made in book creator, and includes soundbites of the poem read by teacher Nicki. To read and listen in the Book Creator app, please link here
Otherwise, click through the slideshow to see each of the pages.

Bridge of Allan Primary School, Stirling

“P6A have very much loved learning about and exploring the 5 cogs of the Recovery Programme and our video is a summary of this learning. Emotion Works really is a fabulous toolkit to explore emotions. I have loved all the discussions which have taken place in the classroom around the different cogs. My class are very proud that their presentation is included as a runner-up.” Kim Cunningham, Class Teacher

This is really quite an eye-catching display, presented with an excellent rhyming summary for each of the first 5 cogs. We see you’re also learning about the Intensity and Influences cog in P6 too. A photo of the full display when it’s finished would also be great to see.

Watch and listen by pressing the play button. 

Dyce Primary School, Aberdeen

P3A at Dyce School have had a fantastic EW Journey! They have been learning about each cog through a variety of activities. We have taken part in charades, outdoor loose parts, poetry, worked in groups to sort and created posters. We loved learning about meditation and mindfulness. We enjoyed seeing our work become a display. Our journey continues…”  Elaine Ross & Laura Flett, P3A teachers

We’ve seen lots of cog-tastic work on twitter from Dyce PS over the course of the Recovery programme so it’s a pleasure to select one of their competition entries as a runner up. Well done to all of you for making such a great start with EW.

Click through the slideshow to see the full display.

Pumpherston and Uphall Station Community Primary School, West Lothian

This video from P2/1 shows some of the learning that’s taken place as part of the EW Recovery Programme at PUSCPS, pulled together by Sarah McJimpsey, NCCT Teacher

This brings back memories from the start of the Recovery programme for us with the sharing of pupils’ lockdown memories. And it’s so lovely to see all the work shared from this busy, happy classroom as the programme went on.
Press play to watch, enjoy and remember too.

North West Community Campus, Dumfries

North West Community Campus have been using the #EWrecovery programme since returning to school in August. Here is a sample of the work done in some of our classes.”  Greg Clark, P7 Teacher

As with all of the slideshows and videos shared in this ‘larger project’ category, there are lots of great ideas and examples included in this showcase of work. Get ready with the pause button – this collection includes art, literacy, RME, maths, current affairs, modern languages, loose parts, meditation and brain science!

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing this competition gallery and have also had the chance to appreciate all of the great work shared in the SINGLE TASK GALLERY too.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in the competition and congratulations again to all of the winners, runners up and highly commended entries. We look forward to running more competitions in future and continuing to share the great work happening across the #EWcommunity.

To finish off this celebration – here’s a final video capturing how the Cogglebox cast reacted to their winning news.

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