Starter Symbol Bank resource currently piloting

Is it easier for your learners to understand the concepts of the Emotion Works cogs and the links between them using symbol supports?

We’re very happy to be working with Lynburn Primary in Fife to pilot the idea of offering a ready made symbol resource where 12 laminated symbols relating to each of the first 5 emotion cogs are supplied ready cut with velcro dots attaching them to a colour coded backing sheet.

A recent training activity at Lynburn involved staff cross-checking the 12 selected emotion words symbols with those selected for emotion triggers, body sensations, behaviours and regulation strategies. The 60 identified symbols got the thumbs up for their capacity to generate a number of combinations and options for emotion sequences.

For example, for the sequence shown in the photo above, the emotion word ‘happy’ was linked up with the ‘animal/pet’ trigger symbol where the imagined scenario could be talking about being given a surprise gift of a new labrador puppy. Heart & tummy sensations were chosen for the body sensations symbols, alongside behaviour symbols smile, jump/cheer and fidget. For this happy sequence, a feeling better regulation strategy symbol wasn’t required.

Thanks to Lynburn HT for investing in this idea with us using some PEF funding – we’re very confident that focusing on emotional literacy and wellbeing can help significantly in ‘closing the gap’. Thanks also to SfL teacher Claire Lacey for championing.

If you have an Emotion Works membership and would like to pilot this resource for yourself, we’ve just uploaded a ‘DIY’ set in the Digital Resource section called ‘Starter Symbol Bank’. They’re available featuring our own symbols, or as a PCS (Boardmaker) version (shown below).

A preview of the 60 symbols in the ‘Starter Symbol Bank’ pilot resource

















If you can’t face the laminating and cutting, we now have extra sets of the ready-made resources available to buy for £30 per pack on our purchase page

Alternatively please email Catriona at or give her a call on 0131 669 1122 and she can process your order and payment.