Nursery / Early Years Room Pack with Emotion Works character symbols

£90.00 (excl. VAT)

Emotion Works in Nursery and Early Years settings is all about developing foundation language – not only to help children to name their emotions, but also to talk and learn about all of the other aspects of emotion involved in developing emotional literacy and wellbeing.

This Nursery & Early Years Room Pack provides everything required to roll-out the ‘Emotion Works Foundations’ programme, alongside your website membership.

  • 2 x Symbol Books with all our Foundation Language words and phrases provided in picture-symbol format with text prompts and colour coding aligned to the Emotion Works curriculum.
  • 1 x Full Set of Foundation Language Individual Symbol Cards – pre cut, laminated and ready to use
  • 1 x Feelings & Emotions Character Poster – A3, double sided and laminated
  • 1 x ‘DIY’ set of Emotion Category Cards – for you to cut, mount as you wish, and laminate
  • Lead Practitioner / Staff Pack – containing Cog Model Poster & Dialogue Tool, Training Booklet, Progression Document, Foundation Language Reference Grid & Quick Guide, and Early Years Practitioner Checklist

In this pack the Symbol Books and Foundation Language Card Set feature the Emotion Works character symbols. A PCS (Boardmaker Character) pack is also available.

New customers please note – our hard copy resources are for use with Emotion Works membership, for more information about purchasing a Nursery Package please see this link

£90.00 (excl. VAT)