Primary School Award Information


The information on this page demonstrates the consultation  process involved in the development of the award with a number of schools from the EW Community.

Award Programme Overview

This video recording provides a summary of the entire School award process from Claire, followed by an input from Greg Clark, PT & EW lead at our School Award case study school North West Community Campus, Dumfries & Galloway.

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Bronze Award Information

Video Recording Summary

  • Welcome & recapping of the overview session from Claire
  • 8m 10s: Locating the Bronze Award Application on the website & an outline of the different evidence sections
  • 23m 50s: Section by section discussion & sharing of evidence with Greg Clark from our case study school NWCC.
  • 50m 10s: Revisiting Dunblane Primary School’s 1-cog-at-a-time roll-out mapped to Bronze criteria, and check in with EW school lead Rachel Aylott

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Bronze Application Form

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Example Submissions

Congratulations to Pathhead Primary!

Many thanks and well done to Lynsey McDonald, HWB Co-ordinator from Pathhead Primary School in Fife who has been so helpful with her feedback to help us finalise the Bronze Award application form.

It was a pleasure to catch up with her in our last Bronze Award Support Session and to share the Pathhead evidence with 6 other school leads who are now making a start on their own applications.

Have a browse over the completed form to get a sense of the level of detail we’re looking for, or download a copy of it here.

A blank word version of the Bronze application form can be downloaded here.

Completing your own Bronze Application

If you feel you’re ready to go for a Bronze Award for your own school, you don’t need to let us know in advance. Simply download the application form, follow the guidance about what we need from you, and make a start.

Other resources you’ll find useful:


Feel free to be in touch with if you need any further guidance or advice as you work through completing your form. Once you submit your application we’ll aim to process it within 2 weeks (not including school holidays).

We don’t currently charge a fee for the Bronze Award, and all Emotion Works schools with Trial & Full Memberships are welcome to apply. 

We’d love to welcome you along to one of our informal practice sharing sessions over the course of the Summer Term if you’d like some support completing your Bronze Application.
During the first half of the session we’ll share some examples of successful applications and then provide space for Q&A / support and guidance for your own application for the remaining time.
Please note, these sessions will not be recorded so please don’t worry about joining in and asking questions no matter what stage of the process you’re at.

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Going for Bronze?

If you’re interested in submitting a Bronze Award application on behalf of your school and would like some support at one of the sessions, please complete the information below to let us know you’ll be joining. This isn’t essential but will help us allocate time to everyone interested where we can.