Christmas Thanks

To our customers, clients and collaborators. Thank you so much for supporting Emotion Works over the course of this year. Wishing you a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday.

Special Christmas love and thanks to the following people whose efforts, contribution and support over the year have been significant and very much appreciated.

  • Geoff Smith
  • Kathryn McKay
  • Diane Cook
  • David Wright
  • Shaun Perry and Allen Bell
  • Lynsey Levvy and the team at EP
  • Anne Woods
  • Steph Murray
  • Terri Harrison
  • Theanna Bischoff
  • Susan Allan
  • Pauline McKibben
  • Liz Cain
  • Kirsty Donaldson
  • Emily Sinclair
  • Nicky Hocknull
  • Hazelle Campbell
  • Catherine Abbot
  • Karen Wilson
  • Bruce Perry
  • Steve Graner
  • Louise Smith
  • Jayne Porter
  • Lynn McCann
  • Sandra Craig
  • Stephen Fischbacher
  • And all of Claire’s family and friends : )