Children’s Mental Health Week Connect Resource

To link in with the ‘Let’s Connect’ theme for #Children’sMentalHealthWeek (6-11th February 2023), we’ve pulled together a collection of resources from our Connect Toolkit with activity ideas to create a ‘People & Relationships’ mini-topic for Primary classes.

The 11-page pdf resource includes 4 lesson ideas with worksheets that can be shown on-screen or printed out to support learning activities on the themes of…

  • People we know
  • Good Relationships
  • Favourite People
  • Similarities & Differences

Also included are a set of Boardmaker symbol sheets to support pupils during your learning conversations and follow-up activities. 

As a Community Interest Company we allocate a proportion of our time and resources each year into projects that can make a difference to the emotional wellbeing of children and young people through Social Emotional Learning experiences (SEL). 

Our main learning programme, the Emotion Works Cog Curriculum, is set within a wider framework that highlights the importance of positive relationships for learning and wellbeing.

This resource pack has been developed for Primary Class Teachers to support the work you may already have planned for #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek 2023 on the theme of ‘Let’s Connect’, or for another time when some ready-made wellbeing activities & resources would be useful.