A new application? Emotion Works in Adult Services?

We are currently working with colleagues from Scottish Autism Adult Services to explore how Emotion Works can be useful in their work supporting service-users in residential care and day settings.

It was a big thumbs up at our first training day in October when Claire provided an overview of the approach and resources to 15 support workers from SA West of Scotland services. Our next one is planned for later this month with colleagues from the South West team.

It’s been particularly helpful to be planning and delivering these sessions with Hazelle Campbell from the Scottish Autism Learning and Development team. Hazelle has attended a number of Emotion Works trainings already and is in the process of becoming an Accredited Practitioner.

When she first tried out the approach with a young man she was working with, she made use of Eastenders clips to engage him in conversations about different characters’ feelings, emotion triggers and responses using print outs of Eastenders scenarios and characters as her visual supports on the Emotion Works tools and frameworks. Sharing this case study at our training session stimulated useful discussions with collagues about other topics and ideas for engaging adult clients in activities that can offer useful opportunities for learning and consultation.

The outcome from a Group Activity Task using the Component Model Dialogue tool


Hazelle also shared how she has been using the Component Model Dialogue tool with staff teams to facilitate discussions about client behaviours and needs. Colleagues immediately saw the potential of this tool, and a practical group exercise during the training session illustrated a number of client issues that could be unpacked, understood and better addressed using this discusssion process.





It was great to gather feedback from this first Scottish Autism cohort on how they felt staff and adult clients could benefit from Emotion Works, but also to identify any potential risks and concerns. Claire and Hazelle are looking forward to the next session and building on these first impressions and plans.

Scottish Autism Adult Services trainee feedback