Emotion Works Award News!

The winner of the category was chosen because the judges felt she was making a positive and wide impact on Scotland’s school children. Taking her background in education, she’s developed a programme to help children and young people with their emotional literacy which has been crucial during this trying year.

I’m very proud to share the news that I recently won an award from Business Women Scotland (@bws_sco) for the success of Emotion Works as a social enterprise over the course of the pandemic and for the impact Emotion Works has had in schools across Scotland as a result of the Recovery Programme.

When the pandemic hit in March and schools closed soon after it looked like Emotion Works as an educational training business would be badly affected. It was a tough time losing my training staff and seeing resource sales fall to a level which made sustainability a serious concern. However, thanks to the furlough scheme, Third Sector Resilience fund and a period of determined and focused development on our new online ‘Recovery Programme’ for schools, we got Emotion Works up and running again and we’re now busier than ever.

I have a smaller but amazingly adaptable and dedicated staff team and together we’re supporting around 500 schools to ensure that emotional education is a core feature for children at this challenging time and that their resilience and wellbeing is boosted as a result.

Receiving and celebrating this award provides me with an opportunity to say a big thank you to my team for all their hard work and support during this time, and to all contractors who have worked with us to help make #EWrecovery happen.

But most importantly I’d like to send out a HUGE expression of thanks to all of the schools taking part… to the Head Teachers who invested and trusted in us to develop and deliver on our promise, and to all of the Class Teachers and support staff on the front line sharing the programme with pupils. That’s where the impact actually happens and so this is a very well deserved award for all of us to share : )

#EWcommunity #EWimpact

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