We’re having a USB clear out as we move towards online resources & training

In preparation for our website changes next month (including a new members area with online training, resources, and practice ideas) we’ve decided to sell off our remaining USB pen drives to new and existing customers interested in using the Emotion Works programme.

Provided along with a starter resource pack, 3 hours of online training recordings, and a month’s free trial of our members’ area, this £49 offer is too good to miss!

A package for motivated individuals

We’ve decided to offer this package to individuals rather than schools or larger groups, so we’re hoping we’ve attached a price tag to suit personal budgets.

From the start, Emotion Works has succeeded because of motivated teachers, support staff, therapists, parents, carers and other individuals who have taken the time to understand our approach and find ways to share it with the children, young people and clients they work with and care for. We’ve seen some amazing work and heard some extremely heart warming and inspiring stories of emotional learning, communication and well-being as a result of such people using Emotion Works ideas and resources.

Reassured and excited by this wonderful feedback, we’re keen to develop and share our work further so that more children can benefit. But as a small social enterprise specialising in training and educational resources, we are currently riding the waves of budget cuts in schools and other children’s services. To find helpful solutions for the way ahead, we’re adapting and adjusting the way we do things.

Soon we’ll be providing online resources and training to save costs on face-to-face delivery. We’re also developing an accreditation and capacity building programme to upskill local mentors and trainers. And we’re also starting to talk to managers and decision makers about pooling resources and working together towards our shared goals for education and well-being.

But to help us promote our approach we will always rely on individuals working away at the chalk face and front line, capturing and sharing the impacts their Emotion Works practice is having and feeding back on their experiences… wherever they are…


purple tree


If you’re interested in this offer because you’re already using Emotion Works and would like a resource update and training refresher, or if you’re new to the approach but keen to get started on your own… please note that this buy-in opportunity is limited and will only run until our remaining USBs have been distributed.


This £49 package includes…

  • Hard Copy Starter Pack – Learner Resources (as shown above) and Adult Guidance Documents
  • USB pen drive including digital resources (slideshows, worksheets, symbol files, planning and profiling tools, as well as an extensive range of practice ideas, examples and case studies)
  • Links to 3 hours of ‘Introducing Emotion Works’ online training video pilots
  • Individual License
  • 1 month free access to our members’ area during October

To order this package, please enter your details below and we’ll send you payment information. Once paid, we’ll mail out your starter resource pack with USB, send you a link to the training recordings, and when our members area is ready, we’ll send you a code for 1 month’s free access to further training, resources and practice ideas.


Thanks in advance for supporting our work, and welcome to the Emotion Works Community : )