St Joseph’s Primary whole school roll-out across p1-p7 classes

See how Class Teachers in this Glasgow school used Emotion Works at different levels linked to a variety of class work and themes.

P1: Identified 3 stories for 3 different emotion words, and used them to introduce the Orange and Yellow Cogs

P2: Circle time emotion discussions, line drawings and captions – covering Orange, Green, Red and Yellow cogs

P3/4 and P4: A series of 5 Christmas adverts – 1 for each cog: Orange, Green, Red, Yellow and Blue

P5/4: Drama and Role Play activities – included learning about all cogs

P5: Emotive Images, Art and Story Board Tasks using 4-part and 5-part models

P6: Emotion words to inspire artwork, followed by unpacking the artwork and stories using the 7-part model

P7: ‘Divided City’ Novel Study exploring purple cog influences on character and pupil choices. 7-part Story Board work and highlighter comprehension.

Link to the showcase summary here


You may also be interested to read this¬†report by HT, Susan Allan about St Joseph’s journey to getting started with Emotion Works and the impact it’s having in their school.

Susan Allan, St Joseph’s Head Teacher, speaking with staff after their successful event showcasing their work with colleagues from local schools