Symbol Folder with 240 symbol tiles – featuring Emotion Works character symbols

£35.00 (excl. VAT)

This Symbol Folder resource provides 240 laminated symbol tiles ready to press out and organise into 27 poly-pocket wallets and store within a sturdy Ring-binder folder.

The first 225 symbol tiles are the  exact same symbols that feature in the Symbol Book resource and make up the foundation vocabulary identified for the earliest word-learning stage of the Emotion Works programme.

Each poly-pocket has space for 9 symbols each to allow you to organise the symbols in the same order and layout as the symbol book itself. You’ll notice that the symbol edges are colour coded to to match the corresponding aspect of emotional understanding represented by the different colours of the Emotion Cogs later in the programme.

An additional 9 symbols featuring useful vocabulary for supporting and guiding learning in nursery and ASN settings are also provided in this resource, along with a further 6 blank symbol tiles for adding your own pictures, photos or words.


  • 249 full colour, wipe clean press-out symbol cards – featuring the Emotion Works own character symbols
  • A4 Ring-binder
  • 27x plastic wallets with 9 pockets per page


New customers please note – our hard copy resources can only be purchased with Emotion Works membership. Please purchase your online membership here to be able to buy this resource pack.

£35.00 (excl. VAT)