Symbol Folder with 249 Symbols (featuring Boardmaker (PCS) symbols)

£35.00 (excl. VAT)

By popular demand, this product features all of the symbols from our symbol book, plus a few more, in a ready laminated and press-out format. A storage folder holding 9 symbols per page allows you to organise the symbols in the same order as the symbol book itself, so that the layout will be familiar to you and your learners.

The symbols included in this resource represent a range of words and phrases that can be considered foundation vocabulary for emotional literacy. At CfE Early Level, the focus for emotional literacy is on word learning and language development, making this a perfect resource to guide your planning, and to prompt and support learning.

The symbol folder is also a useful resource to keep handy if your learners benefit from visual prompts to support conversations generally, or to engage in emotional discussions when the cog concepts and the Emotion Works system are being introduced at a later stage.

Boardmaker (PCS) symbols feature in this symbol resource. There is also a supply of blank symbols included which have a dry-wipe surface for creating your own symbols if there are words and phrases you want to add that aren’t in the resource.

New customers please note – our hard copy resources can only be purchased with Emotion Works membership. Please purchase your online membership here to be able to buy this resource pack.


£35.00 (excl. VAT)