Getting Started with Emotion Works: Website & Content Tour

Are you nEW to EW?

Or perhaps you’re interested in purchasing an EW package and would like to have a look behind our Member’s Portal and hear more about how our aftercare service supports you with school implementation and classroom roll-out?

Here’s a 45 minute video recording of a recent Getting Started content presentation with Claire Murray (Programme Creator) and the Practice Support Team providing everything you need to know as you start out on your school or practitioner journey. 

Content & Chapter Breaks

  • 0:02  Welcome to nEW starts, existing schools and potential new schools interested in the Getting Started with Emotion Works
  • 7:30  An explanation about Getting Started using a 1-cog-at-a-time approach
  • 9:00  School Lead Implementation Guide & information about being the EW lead in your school
  • 12:45  Teacher Checklist – for Getting Prepared, Baseline Assessment, Training Modules and Teaching Content
  • 15:30  Website – accessing the Members Content & the Members Home Page
  • 20:30  Practice Support Team & Web Page
  • 26:00  Staff Orientation Page
  • 28:00  Getting Prepared Page – Training Resources and Stage Specific Teaching
  • 32:10  Baseline Assessments
  • 32:55  Training & Teaching Modules
  • 40:00  School Lead Implementation Guide check
  • 41:00  Impact Information

What now?