Emotion Works Practitioners Secret Facebook Page

Did you know we have a secret facebook page for sharing Emotion Works practice ideas and examples? Also for asking questions and getting advice from fellow teachers and Claire at Emotion Works too. It’s members perk so please join us if you’d like to browse or contribute.

If you have a membership subscription to our website and you have a facebook account, all you need to do is send an email to Catriona on and let her know the email address you use to log in to facebook. She’ll then send you an invite from the secret page that you simply accept to gain access. She’ll also need to know your Emotion Works membership name and email address to check your status.

Here’s a recent example post from the page…



If you’re not an Emotion Works member yet, did you know our individual packages cost only £79 for a years membership including online training, practice guidance and a hard copy starter resource pack. Order yours here.

Also, our regular facebook page is open to all on where we share regular updates about Emotion Works events, news, practice snippets, training days and special offers.

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