Emotion Works Literacy Programme: Stage-Specific Training for Emotion Works Members: January dates

The Emotion Works Literacy Programme has been running since August to provide resources and practice ideas for Emotion Works teaching aligned to the Language & Literacy curriculum. It’s proving popular as a starter roll-out programme for schools new to Emotion Works, and also as a source of new ideas and resources for people who’ve been with us for some time.  

The programme is delivered across 4 teaching blocks and our Stage-Specific training sessions delivered and recorded in October covered teaching Blocks 1-3 for each school stage. If you haven’t yet caught up with those ‘Part 1’ trainings, you can find them on the Literacy Programme page for each stage within the training tab at the top of the page.  

Literacy Programme Part 2 Training Dates

During the last week of January we’ll be delivering a live series of Part 2 training sessions for teachers and class teams working at the 4 different levels. The dates and times are as follows:

  • Monday 24th Jan, 3:45pm: Nursery/ Early Years
  • Tuesday 25th Jan, 3:45pm: P1 & P2 
  • Wednesday 26th Jan, 3:45pm: P3, P4 & P5
  • Thursday 27th Jan, 3:45pm: P6 & 7 (and S1,2)

There will be a recap of Block 1-3 teaching, plus an in-depth look at Block 4 teaching which supports you to plan and deliver a mini-Literacy topic (such as a novel- or film-study) using Emotion Works resources & concepts.

If you can’t join the training specific to your stage live, don’t worry, each session will be recorded as usual, and added to the Literacy Programme stage-specific page training tabs during the week beginning  31st January.

To join one of the training sessions live, please sign up below to be sent a  Microsoft Teams meeting link for the training stage you’re interested in. If you cant join live, each training recording will be added to the Literacy Programme level the following week to watch in your own time.