Emotion Works Literacy Programme: Stage-Specific Training for Emotion Works Members: 18th October

Whether you’re just starting out with Emotion Works or have been with us for a while, the Emotion Works Literacy Programme is a newly developed addition providing resources and practice ideas for Emotion Works teaching aligned to the Language & Literacy curriculum.

Following on from the success of our Covid response programme for 2020-21: the EW Recovery Programme, the EW Literacy Programme is our second Covid response programme developed to support Early Years settings and Primary Schools boost language and literacy at the same time as boosting resilience and promoting emotional wellbeing during this important recovery year.

On Monday 18th October we’ll be online for 4 different time slots and training sessions for teachers and class teams working at the following levels:

  • 9:30-10:30 am: Nursery/ Early Years
  • 11am-12pm: P1 & P2 
  • 1-2pm: P3, P4 & P5
  • 2:15-3:15pm: P6 & 7 (and S1,2)



We’re hoping this will suit those of you who have an October in-service that day, and it will work to allocate 1 hour time-slots for your teachers at different stages to take part in this helpful hour of Literacy Programme training. 

If not, then hopefully you’ll be able to allocate a 1-hour time slot during a November in-service day or CAT time during term 2 to enable teachers to watch the stage-specific trainings in different rooms depending on the stage they work with.

To join one of the training sessions live, please sign up below to be sent a  Microsoft Teams meeting link for the training stage you’re interested in. If you cant join live, each training recording will be added to the Literacy Programme level pages on the 19th October to watch in your own time.