Trainer Accreditation Example

Kirsty Lockhart joined the Emotion Works training team following our first ‘train-the-trainer’ cohort in Summer 2017. Read on to explore her step-by-step journey through the entire accreditation process from Emotion Works Practitioner to Mentor to Trainer.


Kirsty has been a primary teacher for 28 years, working in Scotland and the North East of England in a variety of class teacher and education support roles. She is currently working as a Support for Learning teacher covering two Primary schools in Perth and Kinross, as well as working as an Emotion Works trainer in a free-lance capacity covering Fife, Perth & Kinross, Dundee areas.


The start of my Trainer journey – becoming accredited as an Emotion Works Practitioner

Step 1: Emotion Works Introductory Training and Familiarisation

  • I attended Emotion Works Training with Claire Murray at the Emotion Works Classroom, Edinburgh in March 2015
  • I became familiar with the resources and programme through my practice with individuals at a targeted level in my pupil support roles in 2 different primary schools
  • Following a proposal to one of my Head Teachers I took on rolling out Emotion Works at a Universal level across Errol Primary school, using a team-teaching model with all classes from Primary 1 to Primary 7.

Step 2. Evidencing Practice using Emotion Works Criteria

  • My targeted and universal experience gave me plenty of material to compile a portfolio of practice including planning examples, samples of work and evaluations and reflections.

Step 3. Practitioner Accreditation Submission & Certification

  • Claire came to deliver a training at Errol after I’d made a start working with staff using the programme, which offered a good opportunity to share my work as I had set out a display of some practice examples and provided an input about it during the training.
  • Over the next few months I shared further examples with Claire following a few suggestions she made to help me fully explore the programme resources.
  • I was awarded Practitioner Accreditation in January 2017.

Step 4. Add Mentor Status

  • Claire encourgaged me to become more of a mentor with staff at both my schools by and we looked at different approaches to whole school roll-out and staff support
  • Rather than using a team teaching model, I decided to lead a whole school initiative which involved supporting teachers to plan and deliver mini-topics using the Emotion Works materials for themselves, while I continued to teach small targeted groups throughout the school, modelling the approach to support staff
  • Feedback from staff about this input helped me gain recognised Mentor Status.


Trainer Accreditation pathway

Step 1: Accredited Practitioner with Mentor Status

  • Kirsty’s modelling of practice and mentoring of staff as part of her school roles met Emotion Works criteria for Mentoring Status, with senior management from each school providing endorsements.

Step 2. Line Management Support or Personal Commitment to Trainer Process

  • Kirsty decided to move forward as an Emotion Works Trainer in a free-lance capacity on her non-contracted day off per week. She advised the Head Teachers in both the schools she was working in about her intention to train and line management support from both school HTs to do this.

Step 3. Train-the-trainer process including trainer mentoring and co-delivery

  • Kirsty attended our Summer ‘train-the-trainer’ in Edinburgh in July 2017
  • Her own trainer process involved 1 shadowing session and 1 co-delivery with Claire
  • She led her first training in Aberdeenshire in August 2017, becoming more experienced over the course of the school year
  • She has also provided ongoing support in a number of schools to help with whole school roll out and embedding Emotion Works across the curriculum and in Pupil Support.

Step 4. Trainer Network and Ongoing Support

  • Kirsty is part of the Emotion Works Trainer Network and has been a key player in helping to shape the current trainer package and training process.

Please contact to book training or mentoring support with Kirsty Lockhart in Fife, Perth & Kinross or Dundee. Her availability is a Monday daytime or twilight. Alternative twilights may also be possible.


It’s never too early to express an interest in working towards trainer accreditation. If this is something that appeals to you, please drop us a line via our accreditation contact and we can help explore whether the process could work for you.

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