A sad, reflective post – by founder, Claire Murray.

I’m pausing for thought this week to remember my close colleague and friend David Wright – graphic designer and illustrator, and co-creator of the Emotion Works cogs.

David, your contribution to Emotion Works over these important founding years has been huge, both as an artist and as a companion.

As I consider the number of meetings, emails and phone calls we’ve had, the volume of files we’ve exchanged and the resulting works we’ve created, I am so grateful for our 4 years of working together. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and talents, for your patience, for listening and translating, and for your companionship.

It’s so sad to know that this is the end of our creative relationship and that I’m losing my Emotion Works founding friend.

I tried to speak at your life celebration yesterday but I found that I lost my voice to the strong emotions I was feeling. How powerful and reassuring it was to be able to say some of what I wanted to say by showing our work!

As we move forward with Emotion Works you will be greatly missed. But you will also be long remembered by all those who can now learn and benefit from your wonderful creations.