‘A Right to Speak’ funded project concludes with a wonderful practice sharing event at Middlefield School

This month saw twenty ASL Practitioners from Glasgow City Council showcase their work following an Emotion Works training programme spanning 6 months. The project was aimed at helping pupils with communication and behavioural support needs exercise their right to speak and be understood.

middlefield group


Some examples of work shared at the event…

  • Lessons helping younger primary age learners develop emotion vocabulary and understand the links between events, feelings and behaviours through the use of stories including… Handa’s Surprise; The Scarecrow who didn’t scare; and The Huge Bag of Worries.
  • Profiling examples demonstrating observation and recording of the emotional triggers and responses of individual learners at a very early stage of communication.
  • An example of how Emotion Works helped identify the underlying reasons for some ‘difficult to deal with’ behaviours.
  • Evidence of how visual support can aid the understanding of tricky concepts such as ‘body sensations’, ‘behaviours’ and ‘regulation/feel better strategies’.
  • Outreach work supporting P2 and P7 children develop an understanding of the Emotion Works ‘cog models’ at simpler and more complex levels.
  • A number of examples showing how the Emotion Works approach is useful for post incident reflection and debriefing…for staff and young people.
  • An honest look at the barriers faced and addressed when introducing Emotion Works to a diverse group of pupils.

“Wonderful!… I use this all the time. Emotion Works has been invaluable in developing emotional literacy in my young people.My staff team is very keen to learn how to use this having seen it working in practice”

Amy Gallagher, Principal Teacher, Middlefield School