ACEs, ‘Resilience’ movie screening and Emotion Works

There is a growing interest among Primary Teachers around addressing the needs of children affected by ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) in schools. What is our role? Can educational intervention be helpful? How can we engage and teach children affected by such experiences?

Emotion Works is also very interested in this area and is very happy to be able to host a special gathering during the summer holidays for primary teachers who would like to learn more and explore how we can bridge the gap between the research findings and educational practice.

The event will include…

  • A screening of the film ‘Resilience’ – which shares the science behind how ACEs effect development and wellbeing
  • A presentation by Claire Murray, creator of the Emotion Works programme and Additional Support Framework, offering guidance on how the wider Framework can be useful in ensuring trauma-informed learning and teaching
  • Presentations by others willing to share their expertise, insights or practice (please get in touch!)
  • Networking and discussions addressing questions, issues and practical solutions

Sign up for the 4 hour afternoon session on eventbrite using the following link…

The ticket price of £15 will go towards covering the license fee for the film, administration for the event, and a mid afternoon refreshment.

Looking forward to seeing you there!