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If you’re here you’ve probably already identified that Emotion Works is a great option as an emotional literacy and wellbeing programme for your school or educational setting – particularly at this time of uncertainty and change.

As a new customer interested in purchasing for your SCHOOL, your options at this time are to choose between …

1. Our 4-month fully online ‘Recovery Programme’ where you will join hundreds of other schools around the country take part in our step-by-step approach to using Emotion Works to support the transition back to school. THE EMOTION WORKS RECOVERY PACKAGE – Your Questions Answered

2. Alternatively you might opt for a longer term commitment to using Emotion Works throughout next year and beyond by purchasing a full school package. This includes the 4-month Recovery Programme but also includes a basic or premium range of hard copy resources along with access to all of our membership content and practice support for the year. By buying your full package now, we can offer purchasing support for your resources to help you get everything in place for when pupils return.

We would be delighted to provide quotes for LOCAL AUTHORITIES interested in discounted costs for supplying our Recovery Programme service to a larger number of schools. THE EMOTION WORKS RECOVERY PACKAGE – Your Questions Answered

Finally, our INDIVIDUAL packages at this time provide a single-user license and full membership access for a year, a hard copy starter pack, and access to all Recovery Programme content for the first 4 months. THE EMOTION WORKS RECOVERY PACKAGE – Your Questions Answered



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