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Emotion Works is a great option as an emotional literacy and wellbeing programme for your school or educational setting – particularly at this time of uncertainty and change.

If you are a new customer interested in purchasing Emotion Works for your SCHOOL you’ll find an overview of our existing packages and hardcopy resources here…

  • Full School Packages with 1 & 2 year licenses and hard copy resources – prices apply until August 2021

From the beginning of the 2021-22 session, we will be launching our new website and a dedicated Literacy Programme to support children’s wellbeing literacy during the Recovery period. With these new changes we will also be putting in place our New Packages and Prices applicable from 10th August 2021, which include our new 6 month Literacy Programme trial plus a new 3 year Platinum Membership package including a school award scheme.

The detail of our existing full school packages and trial Literacy package can be found by clicking on a product button below.

If you are purchasing as an INDIVIDUAL rather than a group, please see below for our single-user license and resource package options.



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