Using our Senses Along the Yellow Brick Road

This is a great Emotion Works (plus Science) planning example using the stimulus of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in picture book, simple novel and movie clip formats.

Shared by Jane Carmidy, Teacher at a P1-3 Language and Communication Specialist Provision, Glasgow

The learners are a group of 6-8 year old pupils attending a Language and Communication Resource in Glasgow four days a week and attending their local mainstream schools for one day a week with regular support from the unit.

There are two ability groupings. In terms of Emotion Works levels – the two groups span the ‘Developing Vocabulary’ and ‘Understanding and linking cog concepts’ levels. In terms of Curriculum for Excellence, the groups are referred to in the planner as the ‘Early Level Group’ and ‘First Level Group’.

Jane planned a series of ideas and activities based around the Wizard of Oz story relating to the pupil’s learning goals for Science (the senses), and Emotional Health and Well-being (Emotion Works). The plan was delivered over a 6 week period with the help of classroom support staff. It ended with a performance for parents of a ‘Wizard of Oz’ play, followed by an opportunity for pupils to show off their work and share their learning at a circuit of ‘senses stations’ around the classroom.

Take a closer look at the planner


St Charles pupils enjoying their dress rehearsal for their Wizard of Oz play for parents


Parent feedback

“It was such a lovely experience to watch the children perform their play for families today in school. Well done everyone, especially all the staff involved”

“The confidence and enjoyment in all the children was a delight to watch”

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