‘Stuff that Scares Your Pants Off’!

An engaging non-fiction text sharing the science of fear and common phobias. This level of text works well alongside 6-part model work.

In this reading group extension activity, a small group of P5 pupils were set the task of applying their learning about the Emotion Works cogs (up to the 6-part model) to create a drawing that captured the different aspects of an emotional reaction to something in the book they found very scary.

The teacher displayed the 6-part model slide on the classroom smartboard for reference as the group were researching the book and creating their pictures.

Researching ideas and getting scary trigger thoughts down on paper

This pupil identified a number of fear triggers in the book he could relate to along with some ideas he captured in his drawing relating to the other cog concepts.

A reading group discussion then saw each child share their drawing with the others, with the teacher facilitating the discussion with a laminated cog card set to help pupils identify the aspects of their drawing that related to one of the cogs.

In a follow-up task she asked each child to use the empty cog activity sheet and coloured pens to create an ’emotion cog illustration’ by adding in each of the 6 cogs with drawings or notes inside.


Useful Links

Stuff That Scares Your Pants Off' by Glenn Murphy (Macmillan Press)