Mr Jelly

This is a nice example showing how the Emotion Works ‘system’ works using the dry wipe cards, drawings and symbols. Mr Jelly’s reactions offer a fun way of talking and learning about fears and regulation strategies.

Most people can lay their hands on a copy of the Mr Jelly book. If not, the original animation is available on the official Mr Men and Little Miss YouTube Channel via the following link.

In the ‘Extra Resources linked to this Example’ section you can find an example of how the ‘Coggle’ book analysis tool could be used for this story, the workheet that features in the main photo, and a lesson example with suggested script to help you plan your learning conversation.


It’s particularly fun to freeze-frame Mr Jelly’s fear reactions for lots of green (behaviour) cog chat!

A freeze frame from the Mr Jelly animation (link below)


Resources used in this example

Dry Wipe Component Cards
5-part Component Model Visual
Selection of symbols from symbol file