Trial Package for 'Micro' School

£300 (excl. VAT) for 6 months

Our Trial Package provides you with a 6 month period to access our ‘Getting Started’ training and teaching content which will allow you to deliver a whole school roll-out of Emotion Works using our ‘1-cog-at-a-time’ approach. 

All resources and teaching materials are provided digitally and online to keep the package cost down.

Your 6 month membership also includes access to our live online training sessions, ongoing practice support from our School Advisors and the opportunity to gain an Emotion Works Bronze Level School award.

Purchase Information

The cost per ‘Micro’ sized school is £300 (excl.VAT) which you can purchase online using PayPal. Alternatively you can place your order online by clicking the ‘Raise a Purchase Order’ option and we will send you an invoice. Any problems please email or call us on 0131 669 1122‬

Useful to know –

If you decide at a later date to buy a full Emotion Works school package, and you do so within 1 month of your 6 month trial finishing, you will qualify for 20% off your choice of full school package cost.

£300 (excl. VAT) for 6 months