£50.00 (excl. VAT)

Including VAT, the cost of this product is £60.

This purchase provides a 3 month subscription to our specialist ASN web page for 1 named person to watch the training videos and use the downloadable material with their own class or caseload.

Note: We also provide this same product for groups of educators wishing to access and use the material collegiately (eg. ASN provisions, schools or services) where web access is provided for all teachers/lead practitioners with complimentary access to the training videos for all support staff.  Group ASN Membership

Also for individuals – if you work with children across different levels of learning, you may prefer to purchase a full 1 year membership as a single-user which includes access to all online training and resources (including this one), plus a hard copy starter resource pack with a choice of EW or Boardmaker symbols. Individual Full Membership

What’s included

  • 5.5 hours of training recordings (across 4 sessions)
  • Over 100 pages of Training Material including practical tools, resources and case examples
  • 3 months to access the training and download / print the materials
  • Ongoing access to the Emotion Works Complex Needs  facebook group and online community

What you’ll gain from this training and material

  • A practical framework for thinking about and planning emotional wellbeing experiences with non-verbal or ‘very early’ level learners.
  • Communication level guidance and resources that support very early language development
  • A range of tried and tested tools and approaches from the Emotion Works ASN workstream
  • Case example inputs and evidence of impact
  • The opportunity to learn from and connect with others working with children and young people with severe & complex learning needs
  • Personal reflection on your own experiences of working with this group of learners in terms of the particular challenges and joys it brings

Background Information

The content of this specialist membership package is drawn from a 4-part training course originally delivered online during the summer term of 2021 for staff within the Emotion Works community working with pupils with Severe & Complex ASN at a ‘very early’ level of learning and communication. The feedback for the course was so positive we’ve decided to provide it as a stand-alone module using the video recordings of the live training and  over 100 pages of downloadable resources & supporting material.

Each recorded session is delivered and co-ordinated by Claire Murray (Programme Creator) with input from ASN practitioners Clara Smith (Fairview School, Perth & Kinross), Ailie Davie (East Park School, Glasgow), Steph Murray (formerly Prospect Bank School, Edinburgh, now Woodside Provision at Windygoul Primary, East Lothian) and Lori McCreadie (also Woodside Provision).

£50.00 (excl. VAT)