Nursery / Early Years Starter Pack with Emotion Works own symbols


Emotion Works in Nursery and Early Years settings is all about developing the foundation vocabulary to support children to have the language to be able to engage in cog-based conversations when they move on to Primary School.

The starter resource pack for pre-5s and also ASN learners who are at the earlier end of CfE Early level is made up of

  • 2 x Symbol Books with 220+ words and phrases in picture-symbol format. Includes text prompts and the Emotion Works colour coding system to help adults tune in to and develop cog-specific language during learning conversations and activities.

This pack contains 2 symbols books with the Emotion Works own symbol set. A PCS (Boardmaker) pack is also available. If you would rather have a pack made up of 1 EW and 1 PCS book to help children compare and contrast symbols during conversations about the words, this is also possible.

New customers please note – our hard copy resources are for use with Emotion Works membership.