Literacy Programme Trial Package for 'Small' School

£500 (excl. VAT) for 6 months

The Emotion Works Literacy Programme is the Trial Package we will be running during the 2021-22 school session. You can buy in to a Trial Package at any time, and your Literacy Programme membership will run from 6 months from your date of purchase, or from a date requested by you.

This particular programme will support schools to learn all about Emotion Works using a range of Literacy activities spanning vocabulary extension, talking, listening, reading and writing. Online inservice training is included for whole staff teams, with more in-depth online training and fortnightly check-in support for teachers over the course of the programme. All resources and teaching materials are also provided digitally and online to keep the package cost down.

The goal of the Literacy Programme is to demonstrate how schools can use Emotion Works to focus on and deliver 2 vitally important aspects of education during the Covid Recovery period at the same time: developing pupils’ language and literacy skills while increasing opportunities for social-emotional learning and wellbeing.



Access to a 2 hour Inservice Training for whole staff teams delivered live online on August 11th or 16th, or as a recording available from 12th August onwards.

Additional Online Training Modules for Teachers – amounting to 4 hours CPD, and comprehensively covering the Component Model Curriculum, Emotion Works Progression and Individual ‘Cog’ Modules

Fortnightly opportunities for live online check-ins / Q&A on Mondays 4:30-5pm – 30th August | 13th Sept | 27th Sept | 11th Oct | 25th Oct | 8th Nov | 22nd Nov | 6th Dec



A whole school example roll out of the Emotion Works curriculum following a Language and Literacy theme

Suitable for all stages across the Primary School, and including Nursery and S1/2

‘Word Works’ vocabulary focus

An exploration of different emotions using a variety of literacy stimuli including books, excerpts, poems, movie shorts, film clips and more

Incorporating Talking, Listening, Reading and Writing activities

In-depth novel or film study, or other emotionally themed stimulus for in-depth exploration


Purchase Information

The cost per ‘Small’ sized school is £500 (excl.VAT) which you can purchase online using PayPal. Alternatively you can place your order online by clicking the ‘Raise a Purchase Order’ option and we will send you an invoice. Any problems please email or call us on 0131 669 1122‬

Useful to know –

If you decide at a later date to buy a full Emotion Works school package, and you do so within 1 month of your 6 month trial finishing, you will qualify for 20% off your choice of full school package cost.

If you are already an Emotion Works customer or wish to purchase a full school package at this stage, the Literacy Programme is included as part of all full school packages so you do not need to make a separate purchase.

£500 (excl. VAT) for 6 months