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In-service Booking: Full Day


Delivered in your own setting on a date to suit your staff development programme.

Group size – we are happy to train the number of staff attached to your school or group membership.

Our typical full day delivery would be split into morning and afternoon sessions whereby an overview of the Emotion Works programme is shared during the morning session along with a demonstration of the members area of the website. Practical activities involve staff trying out the resources for different ages and stages, and browsing a range of practice examples across a range of learning contexts.

During the afternoon session we provide an opportunity to explore possibilities for using Emotion Works in your own setting, and if required, we will share our Additional Support Framework including information and suggestions on how to include learners with different support needs in your Emotion Works teaching.

Bespoke training: If your group is already familiar with the main aspects of the Emotion Works programme and you’d like us to offer more detail around a particular age, stage or area of additional support need, we will be happy to tailor your training to any particular requests you make when you book. Similarly, if you would like to be helped with a particular area of application or roll out, please let us know at the time of booking so we can plan your session accordingly.

To book your full day training, please provide information about your preferred date, timings, group size and any information you would like us to know to help plan your session.

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    This should not exceed the number of staff you have attached to your school or group license.

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    Please provide information about your setting and any particular training requests you have for your training.

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