ASN Open Training: Full Day at the Edinburgh Classroom


  • At the Emotion Works Classroom, 24D Milton Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 2NJ

This full day training (10am – 4pm) will be delivered by Claire Murray, creator of the Emotion Works programme and Alison McGuinness, Trainer Consultant for Lanarkshire and ASN specialist.

To get the most out of this training day it is expected that you will have attended one of our introductory trainings in the past or that you have become familiar with the programme via our online training and support. It is anticipated that this training will appeal to those currently using Emotion Works and looking for more guidance & tools for using the approach in a more targeted way with learners with a range of Additional Support Needs (e.g., Mild-Moderate Learning Disabilities, Autism, Social Emotional Behavioural Needs, Sensory Impairment, Language and Communication Needs, EAL …). Please note – if you work with learners who have more severe & complex support needs, and who are at a very early level of communication / non-verbal you may prefer to attend our specialist ASN training day for Severe & Complex Needs

This general ASN training will focus on supporting learners who can use language and engage in conversations, whether that be spoken, symbol based, signed or using an alternative method of communication. We will look at ways to support communication generally and emotional language in particular. We will also pay particular attention to relationship building and nurturing approaches. An individualised approach to planning and timetabling will be encouraged, and a key focus will be on regulatory activities and developing self-regulation skills to ensure positive engagement and learning.

The morning session will start with a recap of the Emotion Works programme and resources, and a consultation session about the learners you work with and any particular requests you have for the day. We will use the Component Model as a starting point to unpack some of the particular difficulties learners with different support needs may experience relating to emotional development and competence, and mental health.

We will then take a closer look at our Additional Support Framework and related resources to help you plan a more personalised approach to learning and engagement for pupils you work with.

During the afternoon we will provide a range of practice ideas and examples to meet the needs of your learners, and will share some inspiring case studies from ASN practitioners using Emotion Works in a variety of settings and services. You are very much encouraged to bring along and share your own examples during the afternoon session.

The training fee is £50 per person.

To register for this training it is important that you have access to Emotion Works resources and a current website membership. If you are a new customer, our licenses and resource packages are available for individual practitioners as well as schools. Details about our individual and group packages can be found here. If you have not yet used Emotion Works in practice, please ensure you familiarise yourself with the introductory training and support available on our website before attending this training day. Alternatively you may prefer to attend one of our face-to-face Introductory Open Training Courses first.

To register for this ASN training course, please enter the number of places you’d like to reserve and provide the email address of the attendee coming along, or the group representative.

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