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We are really very pleased that we discovered and decided to buy in to Emotion Works at the beginning of 2020. The online training and resources have been particularly helpful over the course of the Covid Pandemic, and the impact on our children has been very positive.

The staff have found the Recovery Programme easy to implement and the resources have been very helpful for implementing each of the different stages of the Emotion Works programme. It’s been great to see how teachers have developed confidence after accessing the training and practice examples provided to go on and use their initiative in finding resources of their own, such as stories, that go with each aspect of the programme covered so far.

As a school we decided to spread the Recovery Programme roll-out into a longer programme as the resources for each section were actually more than we expected for one week and we felt it was important to do as much on each section as we could to give the children a good grounding in the Emotion Works programme.

All members of staff I have spoken to have been positive about the Recovery Programme and the Emotion Works programme in general. After the Recovery Programme finishes we will be looking as a school at how we are going to ensure that Emotion Works is embedded into our overall Health & Wellbeing delivery. However, this should be relatively simple as the staff and children have had such a good introduction to it this term and we’ll be able to make use of the ongoing support from Emotion Works and the wider community of schools using Emotion Works across Scotland.

Angela Pearson, DHT, Dyce Primary School, Aberdeen


Are you a Primary School Head Teacher or decision-maker in Education looking for a tried and tested programme to support learning and wellbeing in schools during the covid pandemic?

Emotion Works is a highly regarded and well-established provider of training and resources for emotional education in Scotland. We work with schools and education services in all of Scotland’s local authorities and facilitate positive inter-authority connections within a very supportive practitioner community of online networking and forums.

Over the past 5 years we’ve taken significant steps to develop Emotion Works online. We’ve evolved from being a programme provider with hard copy resource packs and face-to-face trainings only to also including a members web platform as standard with all of our packages. The members content consists of online training, digital resources and practice ideas that support teachers and schools to plan for emotional learning and wellbeing over the longer term and to fully embed Emotion Works with our ongoing guidance.

Emotion Works main website Members area includes online training modules, resources and practice ideas for longer term support using the approach



Since the Covid pandemic, social distancing restrictions have obviously impacted on the delivery of Emotion Works face-to-face training sessions and in-services. However, our online training modules and supplementary materials have now been fully developed into a complete and coherent training programme for practitioners working with pupils at Early, First and Second levels of Curriculum for Excellence so our Primary School customers can be reassured that our online training will fully meet their needs. Our next steps are to expand our training and supplementary content for those in Early Years, Secondary and ASN sectors, since these are also sectors currently well-catered for by the Emotion Works programme, but we just need a little more time to make the material fully accessible online.


Our ‘FULL’ school packages for primary schools not only include website membership and online training for all staff, but also include hard copy resources for all classes and a 1-year or 2-year license depending on your budget, size of school and choice of a ‘basic’ or ‘premium’ package. Prices range from £750 for a small school 1 year basic package up to £3000 for a large school 2 year premium package. Renewal license costs are currently only £250 per year.

Over the course of 2020 we also developed and rolled-out the Emotion Works ‘Recovery Programme’. This was a ‘TRIAL’ package to support as many schools as possible take a trauma-informed approach to supporting the transition of children back to school following the first national lockdown and school closures. For speed of set-up, ease of access and to keep costs down we provided the programme as an online platform of videos, slideshows, written guidance and a selection of digital resources that could be printed in school. The cost was a £250 flat fee for all schools.

Although intended as a short-term and one-off solution to supporting schools in the latter half of 2020, we have now found ourselves at the beginning of 2021 in a similar lockdown and school closure situation. As a result we have decided to bring the Recovery Programme trial product back on sale with a flexible start date for the return to school. The price will remain at £250 per school and we are very happy to offer reduced rates (up to 30% per school) for Local Authorities wishing to buy in larger numbers.

You can preview the Recovery Programme website at



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