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In our efforts to help build capacity in using Emotion Works in Scottish education, we’ve developed a very cost-effective approach to training local trainers who can deliver training on a free-lance basis for us, or for the local authority they work in as part of their existing employment.

Click on the title boxes below to explore our step-by-step pathway to becoming accredited as an Emotion Works Trainer, or scroll down the page to view some case examples of trainers who’ve recently been through the process.

Step 1: Accredited Practitioner with Mentor Status

If you’re interested in becoming an Emotion Works Trainer your first step is to complete our Practitioner Accreditation process, with added mentor status. It’s also likely you’ll be someone who is ‘championing’ Emotion Works within your current role with a proposal for wider roll-out and capacity building.

Step 2. Line Management Support or Personal Commitment to Trainer Process

If you are working in a school, service or other organisational context it is important that you have identified line management support before embarking on the Train-the-Trainer process, and also that there is funding in place to cover the cost of materials, meetings and co-delivery sessions.

If your interest is in delivering Emotion Works in a freelance capacity, then we require your personal commitment to the process and costs, and ask that you provide a reference from somebody who can recommend your suitability to work in a trainer capacity.

Step 3. Train-the-trainer process including trainer mentoring and co-delivery

Our approach to training trainers currently takes a very personalised approach depending on your familiarity with Emotion Works, your previous experiences delivering training, your setting and location, and the opportunities we have to co-deliver training together.

The trainer mentoring process will continue until you feel well equipped and confident delivering Emotion Works training in the areas of application you know best.

NB – our new ‘previEW’ sessions and online training recordings will help to make Emotion Works content much easier to access, share and cascade.

Step 4. Trainer Network and Ongoing Support

Once you are trainer accredited and delivering Emotion Works training independently within an identified training role, you will be be part of our trainer network providing ongoing training updates, support meetings and online discussion forum.

Trainer Accreditation Example

In this case study we provide an overview of Michelle Appleby’s trainer accreditation journey and an account of how she has made it work alongside lots of other commitments including helping out with Emotion Works practice development tasks. Background Michelle is an experienced primary teacher based...

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Trainer Accreditation Example

Kirsty Lockhart joined the Emotion Works training team following our first ‘train-the-trainer’ cohort in Summer 2017. Read on to explore her step-by-step journey through the entire accreditation process from Emotion Works Practitioner to Mentor to Trainer. Background Kirsty has been a primary teacher for 28...

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