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Emotion Works is an educational programme for emotional learning and literacy. Based around a visually supportive framework for learning and talking about emotions, the goal is to build emotional language and understanding in children and young people to help develop emotional competence and resilience.

The differentiated levels of our programme can be used with learners across all ages and stages, and in a variety of learning and consultation contexts. Whether you work with children 1:1, in small groups or as a whole class, nursery or school the resources are incredibly versatile and the ideas for using them link to all kinds of topics, themes and aspects of learning.

The ‘Cog Model’ framework identifies seven categories of emotional knowledge and competence that link together to help show how ‘emotion works’. The links between the different cog categories demonstrate the causal connections between concepts such as emotion triggers, body sensations, emotion behaviours, intensity and regulation strategies.

A wide range of digital and hard copy resources have been developed to teach the complex and abstract topic of emotion to children and young people, with the added bonus of resources that work well for pupils who have additional support needs relating to learning, communication, behaviour and wellbeing.

The Emotion Works programme  provides a custom-made solution to the Scottish Curriculum’s ‘Mental and Emotional Health & Wellbeing’ learning experiences and outcomes, and works extremely well alongside other social-emotional learning approaches.

The Cog Model framework and tools can also be used for staff consultation and pupil voice activities when there is an interest or need to discuss real-life emotional events and experiences, and supporting children to communicate their feelings

Teachers love Emotion Works because it blends in with the rest of the curriculum and isn’t an extra thing they have to fit in to their planning. The ready-made resources save valuable preparation time and the tried and tested ideas and examples offer lots of inspiration to enhance their teaching. An added bonus is that our online community and social media groups are very supportive in helping to build capacity in using the approach through the sharing of personal experiences, examples and success stories.

School managers and local authority decision makers also love Emotion Works because we provide excellent value for money in being able to address so many of the current strategic goals in education and children’s services. We provide a curriculum for emotional health and wellbeing which has a particular focus on boosting language and literacy, but our wider approach is very much focused on ‘Getting it right for every child’, and finding solutions to challenges such as closing the attainment gap, inclusion and becoming an ACE-aware nation.


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